Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time Out

Time Out... Am I really writing about this? YES...Why, Yes I am.

Seriously... you don't even realize how amazing my life is. Not always, I should be realistic, it gets pretty hectic over here with these two little rascals. But, they make my life so adventurous and exciting right here in my own home.

We have recently gotten rid of the paci's (pacifiers) and that's a whole different post. A pretty interesting one, actually. So her nap time isn't as smooth as it used to be, it's quite a struggle. So I have been putting her in time out, until she says she will lay down and close her eyes. I know, I know I get the worst mom of the year award for making my child take a nap, but she needs a nap. Emme without a nap is like a bear without hibernation. Just imagine GRIZZLY BEAR hungry and tired. That's her.

I give her the option. "Emme, do you want to sit in time out or take a nap?" I should just warn you, this is not how it's supposed to happen. "Time Out!" Hmm... okay Emme. So I put her in time out facing the wall and it's an instant "Okay, mommy, I'll take a nap!" YES, IT WORKED! So I tell her she has to lay down and close her eyes, she agrees. So we walk over to the bed and she sits down, and she says "Time Out! I wanna go in time out!" I'm thinking in my head so many things like don't laugh, don't yell, don't stress, she knows you're weak! It's a huge game to her. She bawls her eyes out in time out and it truly breaks my heart, but they're fake. She can cry fake tears.... I'm not lying! Because she stops AS SOON as I tell her she can get up. It's like a 10 second time out, that's how fast she can turn on the drama.

Anyways, I think I'm in for some trouble for the teenage years. Maybe even sooner than that. She is just so funny, so dramatic, so silly, SO smart, so Perfect!

She counted to twelve and sixteen today... we were counting her strawberries? I didn't know she could count that high! She catches onto everything so quickly.

Great Story!!! Daddy was singing the other day walking around the house, just being silly and Emme and Mike were running/crawling around. Daddy mentioned "I'm gonna kick your butt" in the song to me, and sure enough, Emme repeats it. Out of the whole song, she picked those words out! We were laughing so hard, after I yelled at him saying "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU JUST TAUGHT OUR DAUGHTER TO SAY THAT!" I guess it could be much, much worse. :)