Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning can be impossible at points, especially with 2 children under two and a whole list of errands I need to get done. I end up cleaning one thing multiple times a week and missing things until it's too late, and ends up more than stressful. So, I've built a "schedule" thats probably more helpful to moms with children than anyone else. Just because it's too the point and doesn't take much longer than an hour  during the day. I work pretty fast and once I get in the zone- I keep going! They take 2 naps, one at 11:00 and one at 3:00 (The second one ends up turning into them talking in their room and NOT sleeping.)

If you're looking for a way to get the cleaning done- and kept up- without getting stressed out... maybe this might work for you!

*1 load of laundry (I start this in the morning during breakfast time, and swap out during their first nap)
*Make Beds (Never gets done... I'm working on this one!)
*10 minute tidy-up/ 3x a day (Mainly their toys that get left around and whatever gets piled up)
*Shed junk- 10 minutes (Go through what you want to get rid of. Tackle somewhere new each day, like that pile of papers on your desk.)

*Floors- Sweep, Mop & Vacuum
*Dust (every room)

*Bedrooms- Change bedding, wash sheets, organize clothes/closets, vacuum floor and pick up toys.

*Bathrooms- Empty garbage, wash the shower, clean the floor, mirror, toilet, sink, check the shower liner.

*Plan meals for the week- write down supplies needed and groceries for the week.
*Kitchen- Organize pantry, wipe down counters and appliances, clean window, fridge, freezer.

*Meet-up with MOMS group or MOPS.
*TOYS- I need a good amount of time to organize and clean the toys that have been played with all week. If i'm going to keep this house cleaned- It starts with the toys! Keeping them contained and clean is the beginning. Then, getting rid of toys that are missing pieces, toys they don't use or need, and circulating toys so they don't get bored.
*Laundry- Fold, put away and organize what is left from the week.

*Clean out fridge, get rid of leftovers that haven't been eaten.
*Grocery Shopping (ALONE to get the most out of your time or it will take 3x the amount of time if you bring everyone with you. That's just a warning, but if you must, then go ahead!)
*Food prep for the freezer, or prep dinner.

*Family Breakfast
*Prep dinner for freezer meals.
*Family Day & Church!

This is just my basic schedule for cleaning. So much more happens throughout my day that I need to write down and schedule as much as possible or it won't get done.